KIWTV is the name of our sketch comedy show.  KIWTV was started by Rick Gene and Wes Sample  as a sketch comedy radio show known as  "Keeping It Weird" in 2005 on 103.7 FM in San Diego .  After being there for a few years, that station changed formats, so they then found themselves on 107.9 FM in San Diego...  and then after being there for a few years, THAT station changed  formats too.  Then Rick Gene threw his hands in the air and said, "screw this, I'm starting my own station".   So he took MT Robinson, who was one of the DJ's on 107.9 when it played good music, but wanted nothing to do with it when they went country, and Rick and MT launched as an Internet station to play and continue doing "Keeping It Weird" and also so MT can play his kickass rock show, called "The Forgotten Files" (interesting fact: MT actually has a clause in his contract that KIWRADIO will never go country and he has free reign to play what he wants).


KIWRADIO is still going and is streamed 24 hours a day/7 days a week...  


Now Keeping It Weird has its own ROKU TV channel called KIW TV, which features music videos selected by MT Robinson, comedy from Keeping It Weird (who is now officially known as KIWTV) , stand-up comedy from comedians from around the country and old obscure movies and TV shows.  There's a lot of content, and we keep adding more. 


There have been several cast members line-ups and changes, and the only constant through-out the duration of KIWTV has been Rick Gene and Wes Sample.

Rick Gene
Tony Calabrese
MT Robinson
Jenn Navarro
Wes Sample

Lauren Jamison